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Most of what you see here is the front end of our sites. Much of the beauty in many of our sites is what you don't see - the power to automate and run your business from the website - websites that work for you.

Fieldhouse Store is a leading supplier of branded apparel for schools, youth organizations and corporations.

This website provides the customer with the search tools to quickly find &
customize products with the proper logo and colors, then speed through checkout & online payment. Best of all, the customer shops on a site that is customized with the look of the selected organization, e.g. Redmond High School. Using a powerful BackOffice suite of tools, Fieldhouse employees are able to easily maintain the site - quickly setting up each new organization and its associated products.

Dog Beach

Dog Beach, located in Huntington California, is a non-profit organization dedicated to making this beach a paradise for dogs, where they can frolic in the water and taste a sense of freedom.

This entry-level website incorporates >Signature Cart to provide supporters a quick and easy way purchase logo wear or send donations to ensure that Dog Beach remains available to future generations of dogs. All purchases and donations are easily charged to a credit cad through a banking gateway server.

Luxury Motor Vehicle Industries

LMVI provides repair personnel the ability to access, post and retrieve information and share ideas related to repairing vehicles manufactured by Daimler-Benz ("Mercedes").

Using a specialized subscription service, users post questions and share ideas for difficult repair problems. Users can also quickly search an extensive database for drawings, trouble-shooting tips and other diagnostic information and potential Customers can easily locate a reputable member repair facility nearby.

CBS - Coatings by Sandberg, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of Dichroic Glass - A multi layer coating placed on glass with a vacuum deposition process.

This website incorporates a
unique shopping process that allows the customer to choose from a combination of colors, textures and glass and display the end result for approval prior to purchase of the custom glass. The site also includes a  Flash introduction.

WesPac Pipelines

WesPac Pipelines develops, constructs, owns and operates airport jet fuel supply systems. WesPac's intelligent transportation systems provide airlines with the safest, most efficient, and most cost effective mode of fuel transportation to, and within, airports.

This site is a perfect example of the power of a SiteCarver website. Although the visible portion of the site educates the visitor about WesPac, the true purpose of the site is running the business. A back-office suite of tools monitors and controls jet fuel delivery to the client airport; the software also tracks fuel movement and on-hand inventory levels at all WesPac airport installations and invoices the clients for fuel used. Additional tools provide extensive financial reporting and inventory management capabilities.


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