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When the word "E-Commerce" comes up in conversation, most people think of the ability to purchase product on the Internet. In reality, Websites that Work for You can be so much more.

  Shopping Cart
Simplified online search and purchase functions.
  Secure Checkout Seamless interface with various Banking Gateway Servers using SSL certificates.
  Fed-Ex Shipping Shipping pages integrated with Fed-Ex Ship Manager Server to generate shipping request and bar-coded shipping labels.
  Back Office Sales Dedicated web pages also provide the ability to process in-person and telephone sales - not just through the web.
  Inventory Control Inventory can be managed through the site. On-hand quantities are automatically updated after each sale and inventory replenished as more goods are received.
  Product Control New products may be added to the site database by store employee via a secure, password-protected web page - Nothing is "hard-coded"! Or, if you prefer, we can assist with regular maintenance.
  Employee Data Timesheets, Expense Reports, Time off Requests, etc. are remotely entered by employees any where in the world. Information is approved, compiled and submitted (to Payroll, HR, etc.) with a click of the mouse.
  Subscription Lists

Customers may subscribe to email-based newsletters. You can even email your customers with information based on their location, shopping history, etc.

  Reporting An unlimited combination of reports and analyses is available based on the information stored in your website's dedicated database. These include, but are not limited to, Sales (by region, employee, product, etc.), Income (Pro-Forma, Actual, etc.), Balance Sheets, etc.
  Automatic Credit
Card Authorization
Don't ask your customers to call you with a credit card number or send a fax!   Automatically authorize and process credit card transactions quickly and securely through your website.
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